Personal Training —

Offering my services in personal training to help you reach goals, build confidence, learn good form/technique, all the while #SLAYYINGGGG & enhancing the life you live or building the life you want.

All of my services include:

1) nutritional information/ Nutrition support (and macros) that are meant for YOU, I don’t put people on diets and hand out meal plans, I help you decide how you want your nutrition to fit into your lifestyle eating all the foods you still enjoy! (more info at consultation)

2) Free Consultation – let’s me get to know you, we talk about goals, go over waivers and pricing, discounts, and policies, and decide the type of training you need that fits your lifestyle (in person or online consultations)

3) Fitness Assessments – body composition, strength assessments, muscular endurance, cardiovascular, flexibility & pending on the client, we can do other assessments as needed.

4) Check in’s / Support (weekly, monthly)

5) Guaranteed fun, learning atmosphere!

**Ask about my discounts for college students, single parents, and healthcare/medical professionals.

** Ask about weekly package options for 1-on-1, online, and group training. I realize that personal training doesn’t come cheap and life happens when we have other bills. I want to be able to help individuals benefit from living a life of health & feeling good without the added stress of finances. .

**Accepting credit cards, cash OR click below to pay online.

PAY ONLINE <— click to pay now

1-on-1 Training Packages (Monthly packages)

4 Sessions Per Month


8 Sessions Per Month +1 Free Session


12 Sessions Per Month + 1 Free Session


16 Sessions Per Month + 2 Free Sessions!


20 Sessions Per Month + if you do a 3mo commitment, you get 30% off regular price

regular price – $1200/ per month

discounted price – $840/ per month

24 Sessions Per Month + 3month commitment grants you 30% off regular price!

Regular price – $1440/ per month

Discounted Price – $1,000/ per month

Small Group Training Packages (2-4 people)

**All of my group training packages are 3 month commitments due to the fact I am using a periodization program(i.e muscular endurance, hypertrophy, and strength) & for those that prefer, I can switch up my programming to meet the groups needs (i.e HIIT, power, mobility, cardiovascular, sports specific, youth training, AND MORE!)

** weekly packages available, feel free to ask!

**online plans available at same prices

2 person group monthly packages:

$40.00 per person

monthly pricing based on # of sessions

3 person group monthly packages

$30.00 per person

Monthly pricing based on # of sessions

4 person group monthly packages

$25.00 per person

Monthly pricing based on # of sessions

Online / Virtual Training Monthly Packages

** cheaper than in-person but same value!

** Zoom, Skype, Google, Facebook , Google Duo. I do not own an Apple IPhone (no FaceTime) but if there is a service that works and is more preferable, please let me know.

**During the consultation we will go over the equipment you have available, BUT you do not need equipment in order to train, it is my job to use what is available and still offer you a workout that is both safe and fun!

Online Training package 1:

$50.00 / month – 4 sessions total

Online Training Package 2:

$100/ month – 8 sessions total

Online Training Package 3:

$150/month – 12 sessions total

Online Training Package 4:

$200/month – 16 sessions total

Online Training Package 5:

$250/month -20 sessions total

more packages available if anyone is interested in doing more than 20 sessions per month.

If you have any further questions on pricing or services I offer, please contact me.

For those in the Columbus, OH area, I would really love to support our LGBTQ & BIPOC & POC communities with my services (both youth and adults) especially since I am part of both communities being a POC LGBTQ+ so please contact me for info!

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