About Me

Shay-lon Moss

Personal Trainer, Writer, Athlete

Training both Youth & Adults.

Who is this Wonder Woman

Shay-lon holds an a Degree in exercise science, ACSM certification in personal training, and has a multitude of specialty certifications. Currently resides in Columbus, Ohio where she works as a full time personal trainer under her own business #FitnessWonderWoman (WonderWoman Fitness). Her hobbies include competitive powerlifting, hiking, cooking, writing, meditation, and travel. She has plans of doing motivational speaking, starting a podcast and eventually she would like to start community events to bring people together where they can stay in shape, and socialize.


Shay-lon is always available for side collaborations, guest post, sponsorships from companies/products, speaking events, community events., fitness/health projects. If you are interested in contacting her, please do so following the links below.

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