Judy The Bunny Tag

Thank you PoojaG for this tag nomination as well, this was something new that I have yet to do, so I was excited when you decided to nominate me for this one!


-Link back to the person who nominated you and also to the creator of the tag (Me!)
-Answer this question: Why do you like Rabbits?
-Post a cute picture or drawing of a bunny (if it isn’t yours, credit it)
-Write a short story or poem about Judy the bunny
-Post the video Introducing Judy the Bunny
-Nominate up to 20 people and let them now you’ve nominated them

cute bunny

This image is from Here

Why Do I Like Rabbits?

I like bunnies because they look so adorable when they hop around.. especially when they are the extremely little ones 🙂 

Poem About Judy The Rabbit:

I am little, I am small..

the world is big.. and I hop around but I don’t crawl.

I eat grass and nibble on carrots,  my veggies are the fairest of them all.

I am trying to hide because I am prey, but my mother bunny keeps the bad guys away!

The video:


My Nominees Are:







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5 thoughts on “Judy The Bunny Tag

    1. Hahah I made it up off the top of my head to be honest, did you like it? 🙂 I was hoping you would share your thoughts on it! I might have to take over the poetry industry, hmm!

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