What do you squat in?

Hello everyone! back at it again with a fun question for my readers. Today’s question… Which do you squat in? Barefoot flats lifting shoes (heeled) Crocs Socks Cross training shoes I am eager to read all the different anwers, you can select more than one if you use multiple? And if you are feeling reallyContinue reading “What do you squat in?”

Keep Kids Moving

It is no secret that we are in the age of the technology — if it has a screen and turns on, it usually will have a child attached to it (metaphorically speaking) LOL. I realize technology has its place in our world and with it constantly improving, I can see why it captures theirContinue reading “Keep Kids Moving”

Trainer’s Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday readers. Today’s trainer tips is BREATH! while going through your exercises. Believe it or not, I find myself constantly reminding my clients to breath; knowing when to breath and how to breath properly will help with your lifting & not to mention, any runners out there? breathing is especially important when you areContinue reading “Trainer’s Tip Tuesday”

Monday – Mobility (Shoulders)

Hello, This is Shay-lon Moss. I am back for another post, today we are going to talk mobility in the shoulders! Something most of us have heard of, is the term: Mobility. Pay attention to today’s post because mobility is very important, and not just for athletes, but for everyone. Let’s talk about what theContinue reading “Monday – Mobility (Shoulders)”