How to Improve Movement with Arthritis

Arthritis – categorized as joint pain or joint disease. over 100 different types – we will be discussing only four symptoms – swelling, pain, stiffness, decreased ROM (range of motion) current leading cause of disability within the U.S Due to it being a leading cause of disability, this is important to know as personal trainersContinue reading “How to Improve Movement with Arthritis”

How To Shop For Groceries w/out falling victim to our cravings

Lets face it, food is amazing and most of us have our favorites we go for when we are craving a bite to eat. Two habits I find that I have had difficulty breaking, that many of you may have also experienced is shopping on an empty stomach & not being properly prepared with aContinue reading “How To Shop For Groceries w/out falling victim to our cravings”