How to Improve Movement with Arthritis

Arthritis – categorized as joint pain or joint disease.

  • over 100 different types – we will be discussing only four
  • symptoms – swelling, pain, stiffness, decreased ROM (range of motion)
  • current leading cause of disability within the U.S

Due to it being a leading cause of disability, this is important to know as personal trainers because chances are high, we will have a client that has been diagnosed with arthritis and I want us to be efficient & be current on how to properly train clients with arthritis, and to recognize the signs to NOT diagnose our clients, but know when we should refer them to see a specialist.

First lets go over the four common disorders of arthritis:

  1. Osteoarthritis – a degenerative disease.
  • Usually due to wear and tear
  • commonly effects spine, hips, knees, and hands
  • morning stiffness is likely to occur — and stiffness after sitting for a long period of time
  • loss of articular cartilage
  • 2020. was said to have affected around 31 million Americans

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis – An autoimmune disease.

  • The immune system attacks the lining of the joint
  • inflammation (swelling, warmth, stiffness)
  • usually found in small joints (hands, and feet) but not limited to
  • symmetrical
  • swollen inflamed synvial membrane
  • 2020, said to have affected 1.3 million Americans

3. Psoriatic Arthritis – An autoimmune disease.

  • Immune system attacks healthy cells, causing inflammation and over production of skin cells
  • small depressions in the nails and/or detachment of nails
  • pain, swelling, redness
  • commonly seen in the knees, spine, toes, ankles, wrist and fingers.
  • can cause blurred vision, one to see black spots, targeting the third layer of the eye
  • 2020, was said to have affected 1.5 million Americans with skin psoriasis

4. Gout – Inflammatory arthritis.

  • High levels of uric acid in the blood
  • Affects the big toe, ankles, knees, elbows, wrist and fingers
  • Recommended: limit red meat consumption and sugary beverages
  • 2020, said to have affected 8.3 million Americans

Ways to Manage Arthritis

The #1 way to manage arthritis is to UNDERSTAND the symptoms and knowing when to seek a doctor & as personal trainers knowing when to refer our clients to see a doctor.

  • Identifying warning signs: pain (is it constant or comes and goes), swelling, stiffness (morning? after sitting? long lasting?), difficulty moving a joint (limited ROM?) <– pay attention to these signs and be aware of how your client is feeling at all times

other forms of managing arthritis will be on an individual basis such as:

  • Hot/ cold compresses
  • physical therapy
  • medication/supplements
  • pain/emotional support
  • shots/injections
  • holistic approaches
  • support devices
  • nutrition/weight loss
  • exercise ** – very important for people with arthritis
  • surgery

Ask your clients questions, do your research, and educate yourself so you can educate your clients. For those of you diagnosed with arthritis speak with a professional about your options.

Very important trainers — > we CANNOT .. diagnose, prescribe or manipulate .. stay within your scope of practice & utilize your network system doctors. I, myself have had clients in the past diagnosed with arthritis and if in doubt I will always refer them to a doctor or have them get a doctors release so I am better able to help them.

Exercise Testing For Arthritis

  1. The initial interview should be a health history, list of medications, and their diagnosis from a doctor.
  2. learn about their past and present limitations, if any. (History & commitment w/ exercise)
  3. Get an understanding of their condition(s), and belief system
  4. physicians release and referral if needed
  5. Actual testing will depend on their goals but some to consider: muscular strength, muscular endurance, aerobic endurance, flexibility, balance, gait, activities of daily living and pain

Prevention & Wellness for OA and RA

  • Maintain appropriate bodyweight
  • sustaining good postural alignment **
  • Developing muscular strength, power and flexibility
  • correct movements during functional activities
  • performing functional task and optimizing cardiovascular fitness

Resistance Training:

  • Moderate or greater intensity 2 more days a week
  • low resistance, high reps without joint irritation
  • Keep in mind that individuals will respond different to different exercises
  • ROM & load are primary
  • power training can be safe and effective — doesn’t mean we need clients to do snatches (choose appropriate exercises)

Cardiovascular Training:

  • major part of training with OA clients
  • should minimize joint stress
  • low or NO impact is recommended (avoid high impact)
  • Aquatic therapy is helpful due to the fact that it will allow movement that may not be possible for them on land.

** Adults with chronic conditions or disabilities, who are able, should do aerobic activity spread throughout the week.

My goal as a trainer is to make exercise comfortable for my clients with arthritis, strengthen them and educate them on the importance of movement.

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