Went From Talking to my wall to talking to real life people… LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I still have conversations with my wall, pillow, myself, and other objects around my apartment — but I did something these past couple of weeks, and that was put myself in a situation to communicate with other humans (besides work). Now most of you will probably find this funny, and I do too! because you would think after living in this new city for a year now, I would have found new friends and a social group but NOPE, I failed to really put myself out there in fear of judgement, and so my house was my comfort zone and when I would leave the house, it was to people watch or explore someplace that didn’t seem too busy at the time. After awhile, I started to think that if I want to make the most of living here, I need to start taking a step outside my comfort zone and meet people & even if it doesn’t land in success, it might help build my social skills and allow me to network and grow my confidence living here.

I had downloaded an app (which I had signed up years previous but never actually utilized) and decided I’d use to find things that interest me that others are interested in as well. My first event I signed up for was a board games night at someone’s house & while it sounds crazy to make my first appearance meeting people at a person’s home that I do not know, it was a lady’s event and I went with my gut. Thankfully the app gives you the names of the people who all plan on attending & pictures of the person, so I was able to use that to my benefit if need be. Turns out, even though I started off as a social mess at this meet and greet with board games, I ended up staying longer than I intended because I was having so much fun talking to people. This past weekend I had used the app again to attend a meet up with the same group of ladies & new faces for a bowling outing & it went over very well. Busy establishment, but I had the chance to meet some new people, and see some familiar faces from the board games night — all went over well & I got invited out after bowling to hang out at a local spot downtown & I stayed out way past my bedtime BUT my only regret is I didn’t do this sooner.

Would I call these ladies friends? not quite yet, as I am very slow to put titles on things because I like basing my friendships on much more than a hello and a few drinks or a game, however, I could definitely see this growing into a possible friendship– but if for whatever reason, it doesn’t, that is okay too! no pressure either way. I don’t have plans this weekend, but I was thinking about creating a meet up within the group to see if anyone would be interested in attending the Arnold classic with me this year. I have been debating on whether I’d like to go this year, because I have gone previous years prior to Covid and enjoyed it, but now that I live in Columbus, I think it would be a whole new experience (and saves me money on hotels). We shall see, it will be this coming weekend — so I shall let everyone know how this pans out if I do decide to create the event or go it alone or not at all. Mystery.

Happy Saturday!

Shay-lon Moss


Published by WonderWoman & Fit

You can assume I have a love for fitness & a love for Wonderwoman -- both assumptions are correct. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer of 8+ years -- I currently reside in Ohio and live a simplistic life at the age of 29. If I am not lifting, I am eating, sleeping, traveling, exploring, or movie watching. I recently moved during a pandemic, now I am focused on self care (self love), building a business of my own in personal training, becoming a professional blogger, starting a podcast and doing things that make me happy! I am a sister, daughter, and loyal friend --- I love everyone's dog and I am on a mission to pet as many dogs as possible everywhere I go! LOL. My mission is to talk health (physical/mental), design programming, motivational speak, learn, grow, prosper, build others and make as many people smile as possible because I want nothing more than to be the change I seek in the world.

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