A number is a Number

ScaleIf you have a problem with a scale its because you have allowed the numbers to determine who you are.  Solutions to the problem: 

  1. weigh yourself with an open mind
  2. ask yourself when you get off the scale is this healthy
  3. don’t look for results, look for a number then find results by using a solution
  4. have a goal weight & a plan (for after you are off the scale; NOT BEFORE)
  5. stop weighing yourself for self gratification & belittlement
  6. Don’t pay attention to the media (YOU DETERMINE WHAT’S HEALTHY FOR YOU)
  7. keep positive & stop comparing yourself to others
  8. weigh yourself same day and time, once a week. no more (so you can keep tabs on your journey)
  9. stop punishing yourself
  10. stop talking about your weight; no one cares as much as you do and you are the only one who holds the key to where you want to be

Introduction- I am Shay-lon

Hello & Welcome 

This is my first blog 

 & this is an introduction to the author-myself

I would just like to mention, I have never taken blogging seriously.. until today. Today is the day I start blogging regularly.  Do you want to know why? I graduate this May, and my life is just beginning to unfold, unravel with surprises and spike my anxiety! I never thought the day would come where I could finally graduate with a college degree.  Its exciting but its starting to drive me insane when I think about all that i want to do in my field/major & how to get where I want to be.  Does anyone ever have their life planned out for after graduation? OR does anyone know how to make “grown up” decisions anymore… because I think I am lost and I have been a “grown up” for 5 years now (I am 23 now).  Want to know what my major is? Exercise Science.  Yes, it’s about “fitness” and “wellness” but for your sake, I have managed to go beyond that narrow way of thinking & for that reason.. I am now writing my own blogs.  I hope to be a personal trainer, yes, and maybe own a gym (although its not necessary), wellness coach, corporate fitness muskateer and fitness guru of all types.. with a sprinkle of travelling & meeting new people who are like minded in my field and create this huge empire.. & finally being a mogul of “health and fitness”.  Now you can understand my frustrations, I have big dreams!  I am going to list a few things about me.. so I can save time & get straight to the point…

  1. I have two younger siblings, one who is in college (whom i’ll refer to plenty) & the other is 7 (and he might be part of the reason why I make some of you smile when reading my blog.
  2. Part time job helping the mentally handicap/full time student
  3. I reside in Ohio (yes it’s cold about this time of year & I hate it)
  4. I have lived in Colorado and Texas ( I loved Colorado)
  5. I live with roommates (I’ll probably talk about some of them as well)
  6. I graduate May 2016 in case no one read the paragraph stating that
  7. I am 5’8 (this is important when i start to refer to myself in blogs)
  8. my weight will be announced in many of my blogs .. yippee for me.
  9. I am a female. 
  10. I workout 4-5 times a week & working on eating much healthier .. 
  11. I am not perfect.. so when it comes to my blogs, read with no expectations of learning anything and leave here realizing I just blew your mind
  12. I appreciate all comments (negative and positive alike) only because I can respect honesty.
  13. I will try really hard to post everyday, but don’t get mad if i skip some days.. i have a life too.
  14. Sometimes my grammar is excellent, other days.. I just say “bunk it” they get the point.
  15. It’s a requirement to get to know me, because otherwise I may offend you (not on purpose)

Purpose of my blogs (after this one)

I want to help people to realize health and fitness should be a lifestyle change, should not be used as a New Years resolution or a fad.  I hope to open up the eyes of the blind & arrogant, I want to educate myself and others on health , fitness, wellness, mental and physical.  I just want to make someone smile & choose to be happy with who they are and how they look.  Society has failed you & I want everyone to know.. being skinny is not the goal.. being healthy & living healthier.. that’s important.  You can be any size and still be unhealthy, don’t judge a book by its Cover!!! get facts before judging people behind their backs. Keep an open mind & follow me on my path..Thank you for reading

It was nice to meet you.



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