Deadpool 2 movie tomorrow

Comedy relief 


This is off topic.. BUT…


Who plans on going to see DEADPOOL 2 MOVIE TOMORROW? I am going tomorrow on opening day 🙂


I figured I would ask in case I have any superhero fans out there and we wanted to nerd out about the upcoming movie 🙂 I love superhero movies (new fact about me) My favorite being DC characters; more specifically – BATMAN & WONDERWOMAN:) 


No, I have not yet to see the new Avengers movie, but my youngest brother (he is 9) spoiled the ending for me today when he was telling me about a classmate who shared with him on what to expect with the new movie.. :/ but hopefully I do get the chance to see it.


I don’t get to the movie theater often enough to keep up with all the superhero movies in order, but I do my best to watch them at some point. In the meantime, I just try to stay away from spoilers — EXCEPT FOR TODAY! lol 🙂


So with that being said, hopefully someone else geeks out on superheros and can leave comments. 




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6 thoughts on “Deadpool 2 movie tomorrow

    1. Jim, you are a superhero buff? learning something new about you.

      one, are you marvel or DC?
      two, did you watch the new Deadpool 2 movie?
      3) why haven’t you shared this information with me before! haha


    2. One: Both, but DC if I had to pick. But only after the last two Batman iterations (being Christian Bale and Ben Affleck [who’d have guessed!?]), Wonder Woman, and the Justice League… Superman was good but the franchise needed more.

      Two: Saw Deadpool 2 the day after it opened and laughed my butt off. My wife likes it even more than I did. We own the first one on DVD and Blueray.

      Three: Never thought it was pertinent. I’m a bigger Star Wars junkie, while we are on the subject. 👍


    3. Haha another person on the DC train, love it 🙂
      I am not a fan of Ben being Batman, I was a true fan of Christian Bale the whole way through his Batman career — I think he played an awesome Batman 🙂 I never did see the Justice League movie, but I do want to see it. The WonderWoman movie was very good, although could have done better.

      I disliked with a passion all the Superman movies I’ve seen and same with Spiderman, I feel they both lack to keep me entertained and have plots that drag out way too often that it almost seems pointless. Also, I am super bias because I don’t like either one of those superheros 🙂

      I thought Deadpool 2 was funny but I didn’t laugh as much as the first one — but laughed regardless and Ryan Reynolds plays an awesome Deadpool 🙂

      Star Wars, I have seen the newer movies, but can’t say I am much of a fan, I just watch them in support of my youngest brother being a super fan, lol


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