365 days of self discovery day 18

Which fictional character would you most like to be? I had to think hard about this one because it isn’t an everyday question that other people ask. I personally think it would be awesome to be Wonderwoman or perhaps a Disney character that has a happy after ever after ending. For sure I would wantContinue reading “365 days of self discovery day 18”

Deadpool 2 movie tomorrow

Comedy relief    This is off topic.. BUT…   Who plans on going to see DEADPOOL 2 MOVIE TOMORROW? I am going tomorrow on opening day 🙂   I figured I would ask in case I have any superhero fans out there and we wanted to nerd out about the upcoming movie 🙂 I love superheroContinue reading “Deadpool 2 movie tomorrow”

5,000 Blog Subscribers!

Hey Bloggers! HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! I have OFFICIALLY made it to 5,000 subscribers on this blog!  what does it mean? It means over 5,000 people signed up on my blog to have notifications sent to their email whenever I post something new. I made this my goal in hopes I would hit it before the beginning ofContinue reading “5,000 Blog Subscribers!”