Trainers, Are you online, In-person or both?

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<—- Thank you to all those who have continued to show support to the blog, I have a list of topics I need to skim over and reevaluate before I dive into them on the blog, so I haven’t forgotten to leave great fitness articles, I just need some intrinsic motivation and a little less outside fun keeping me from focusing! grrr LOL. Nothing beats summer, and it is on its way and I will be outdoors more than ever, but with this being said, I might have some fun fit articles to add about my outdoors adventures! To be cont….

So, RULE ONE as a personal trainer is becoming one, YES, but besides that is figuring out what type of training you want to offer your customers and best fits your lifestyle goals as well. For awhile before the pandemic, I was strictly in person training, but during COVID-19 (in which I decided to jump to a new city and start my career someplace new, yay!) I found that the studio I worked for was doing both in person and online personal training services. 10-11 months after leaving that job and starting my own personal training business, I realized that I did happen to enjoy online personal training sessions as much as I do in-person training; win-win. Now, a year later, (technically 2 years later) I am still choosing to offer both options because even though gyms are becoming more frequently used again and people are feel more comfortable leaving their homes — I find that the lifestyle that online training provides me is AWESOME SAUCE! but, I love being hands on with clients, so I need that in-person as a balance.

For anyone that is a personal trainer in the industry for any length of time, have you decided on which direction you would prefer to take your business? Hybrid? online only or in person only services? IF not, THEN, you should give this a tad bit of thought as you accrue more clients because they both offer pros and cons, and maybe adding one service or the other can heighten your business (financially, creatively, growing the amount of people you help, adding more ways to enjoy your work-life balance, etc.). I am not trying to change your mind in this post, but simply give you some ‘food for thought’ information that helped me decide what best works for me and how I see myself moving up my success ladder I have in mind for myself.

Now this information isn’t coming from a 6-figure trainer by any means, just a simple gal, making the struggle in a new city (no connections) into her success of a great business and wanting to help other trainers along the way — perhaps we can help one another?! no such thing as knowing everything, and we might all have degrees and experience, but the fitness industry is growing rapidly and with so much information, so many questions still linger and many trainers GIVE UP because they feel lost, financially struggling to the point of feeling defeated, give in to the temptations of working at a gym and having them rob us blind (not all, but most commercial gyms) — YES, I started at a gym after college for many years! and at the time I didn’t see myself going anywhere else, but that changed when I recognized my full potential (this was like 10+ years later)LOL! here I am, wanting to help myself but also wanting to build a community with other trainers who need the support as well. I am reaching my hand out to help, but if you don’t take it, then don’t expect me to beg you. Seriously.

I have some knowledge under my belt, and besides using it to help clients reach goals, I want to use it to help myself and other trainers reach our own goals in life with our business and growth. So again, I ask you, have you decided on which route you want to take with your business — online training? in-person training? or both (hybrid)? and then ask yourself why this works for you – more importantly think about/write out the pros and cons of your current business you run or if you don’t have one, think about the pros/cons you are running into being a personal trainer. How does one or both models work for you so that your weak points become what you work on to make into a strength in your business. This same exercise, I, too need to sit down and do myself — I only ask of you what I need to do myself because sometimes we need to sit down and analyze things under a scope.

As said before, I do hybrid training — I love the balance it creates, and due to being in a new city, allowing myself to do in-person allows me to meet more people in my community & build a local community (GOALS!).

Oh! you probably thought I would list out pros/cons of each of these models? NO! I am sure most of us have already in our spare time and if you haven’t, maybe eventually you will. I don’t want to bog down trainers with tons of information, I just want to share some short & sweet thought provoking business stuff for personal trainers today. Perhaps, I will have a list of my own in soon to come post, or perhaps, I’d rather have all of you share your own insight with me — so I can comment and engage with my readers and fellow fitness industry professionals 😀 win-win. Now, time for me to start my morning with a shower …

I will see you guys tomorrow. Homework: Trainers.. answer post question. Readers: I might have a poll for you tomorrow ….. (fitness related) for my own interest!

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