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It is fair to say that if you are a customer who prefers ‘in person’ personal training services, that you want someone who knows what they are doing and how to meet the requirements of such a task. It is also fair to say that the majority of clients utilizing a personal trainer for in-person training does not know what to expect (besides exercise) and is vulnerable to this because they want results, and a learning experience.

Trainers, it is your JOB to make sure the client gets both to the best of your ability BUT the client puts in the work if only the trainer knows how to train properly. Read this again if need be because this statement is very IMPORTANT! #PreachShayPreach

In this particular blog post, I want all my trainers to think long and hard about their training methods — what worked/works & what hasn’t and doesn’t for your particular clients. If you do not know, then you need to pay attention to your style of training, tone of training and the clients you train. Besides those 3 things, there are other small knit picking things I will bring up here and there to engage my audience, play devils advocate and open up your brain to ‘out of the box’ thoughts… because as a trainers our job is to LEARN, and TEACH. Simple but something many trainers fail at.

In person training will have two sides; clients & trainers. 1) Smaller categories: group training, 1-on-1 training. 2) Tiny categories: outdoors training/indoors training, gym training/at client’s home training, cardiovascular training/resistance training (we can dive even deeper if necessary), bodyweight training/equipment training, training females/males, training youth/adults, training on land/aquatics, training weight loss/sports specific/muscle gain, PLUS MORE!! many of if not almost all of these will be again be mentioned when I talk about remote personal training.

This was your introduction. My goal is to put together an E-book and/or subscription for both clients and trainers (one for trainers and one for clients on ‘in person training’). My blog post will be very basic information — that will lead to more detailed information in the E-book and/or subscription group. It will outline important foundations for both parties. Clients & trainers should read what is specific to them FIRST, but then read about each other. I will be teaching trainers and clients alike, but in return I want both trainers and clients to teach me — communication is everything. I will be learning from my own research, your research, your experiences, and YOU will be learning from me, from others, your own research and experiences.

I will be creating a Facebook Group in the near future for both clients and trainers alike. I will be sharing details once I decide how I want to go about it. I have some fun ideas I want to implement to take my blog higher and reach more people, but also to elevate my business as a personal trainer — gain clients, gain networking partners, and gain more insight for my learning. The Facebook group will also represent this and will have its perks for those who want a dedicated community! If anyone has feedback they want to share about creating a facebook group and/or information they want to have included in this group; please leave all comments! I read them all during the week. I might create some polls, or post with questions for further feedback as well. #letsgetexcited

Friday, Saturday and Sunday of next week — would normally be post but I might make those poll days to gain insight from my readers and followers. This INTRO was the start of what is to come with my blog and a starting idea for my facebook group I create.

Sign up for Remote training / contact me with questions & those interested in doing guest post, partnerships, sponsorships, and online events — please feel free to contact me! always open to networking and writing for others as well as having writers be introduced on my blog.

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