365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past

4.05.19 Day 29 Did you witness anything in the past that you wish you hadn’t? Yes, many times.

365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions

1.28.19 Day 29 What can you do to feel more content with what you have? Not worry, or compare self to others & continue to work hard for what you do have/what you need/what you want — in order to feel the satisfaction of knowing you have what you have because you worked for it.¬†

365 days of self discovery: day 29

10.01.18   Are you good at decision making? How could you improve? I think¬† it depends on the situation for me and the decision I am having to make. When it comes to having to decide what direction to go if I were driving without a gps, I’m usually 9/10 right, even when I haveContinue reading “365 days of self discovery: day 29”