Plie Lunge (Exercise How to)

Happy Tuesday 🙂

Today I have a fairly easy workout to teach you, it is properly demonstrated in the above video. Many of you have done lunges or seen it performed, but to add some variety, I will talk about the “plie lunge”, for those that aren’t aware, there are many lunge variations. Lunges are a great functional exercise! 

How to perform the movement?

  1. Start by standing feet shoulder width apart.
  2. take either the left or right leg and step sideways behind the other leg on your knee. 
  3. You will do the opposite side – make sure that your back is straight the whole time
  4. repeat for the recommended repetitions. 

So the workout is easier done than said, but a great movement and you can choose to add dumbbells or do it without weights, for beginners I would highly recommend without weights until you are more comfortable. 


What muscles are being worked on?

  • Major muscles in your legs

This particular exercise isn’t common, but it does exist. I usually add this exercise to a superset when squatting or I can do it for timed, if necessary. For those of you who have issues with performing lunges, this might not be your favorite exercise. I know I am not a BIG lunge fan myself, but I do however, enjoy plie lunges 🙂 Make sure that if you have any conditions or injuries, you speak with a doctor before performing this exercise.


Let me know in the comment section if this is an exercise you have done?  like, comment, share and follow!


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


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2 thoughts on “Plie Lunge (Exercise How to)

    1. You like lunges, really? 🙂 Well this is right up your alley and glad someone has done this one! I like this one if I had to choose a lunge to do, and it doesn’t bother my knee as much as well compared to traditional lunges.

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