Winter Creates My Excuses

Happy Friday Readers. I hate winter. I hate snow. I hate the cold. I am completely aware that I live in Ohio and I should be accustomed to our winter weather and prepared by the time October comes around BUT.. I am never prepared & by this time I evolve into a grinch because theContinue reading “Winter Creates My Excuses”

What do you squat in?

Hello everyone! back at it again with a fun question for my readers. Today’s question… Which do you squat in? Barefoot flats lifting shoes (heeled) Crocs Socks Cross training shoes I am eager to read all the different anwers, you can select more than one if you use multiple? And if you are feeling reallyContinue reading “What do you squat in?”

Week Four no deadlifts

Tuesday Week four of this program I am following for deadlifts is all accessory work but I decided to keep squats around for compound lifting purposes — but it feels good taking a small break away from deadlifts to allow my body to recover faster and more efficiently.  Warm up: Body bar goodmorning: 4 xContinue reading “Week Four no deadlifts”

Week Three Leg Day

Day Two  Warm up: Plie squat: 4 x 25, 10 kg Kneeling hip stretch: 4 x 15 seconds  seated hip adduction: 4 x 25, 40 lbs Workout: Conventional deadlift: 5 x 1 x 80%, 245 lbs Barbell back squat: 5 x 1 x 80%, 180 lbs Front squats: 5 x 5, 95 lbs (was goingContinue reading “Week Three Leg Day”

Short routine

Compound lifts Warm up: seated leg curl: 4 x 25, 20 lbs butt lifts: 4 x 25 front box step ups: 4 x 25 Workout: Conventional deadlift: 6 x 6-8. 3 x 190 lbs, 3 x 195 lbs  Barbell back squat: 6 x 8-10, 3 x 140 lbs, 3 x 145 lbs