Glutamine Supplementation


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Glutamine comes in both powder and pill form. It is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, and considered essential for intestinal function, immune response, and amino acid homeostatis during times of severe stress.

Main purpose: Serves as a building block for protein. 

Also considered as a “conditionally essential amino acid”; must be obtained from diet under certain conditions (injury or illness)

Keep an eye out for these foods (they have a good source of glutamine)

  • Eggs
  • beef
  • skim milk
  • tofu 
  • white rice
  • corn
(meat and other animal products are the simplest way to get high doses of it — virtually any food with protein will have some form of glutamine within it)
Fun fact: Studies have shown a real need for glutamine high diets, and foods after major injuries  — leading to shorter hospital stays after surgery & improved health
Intestinal health 
Glutamine is an important energy source for the intestines 
  • Serves as a barrier between the inside of your intestines and rest of your body — protecting against leaking gut 
Muscle gains & Exercise Performance
  • Decrease muscle soreness & improve recovery after intense exercise
  • no difference in strength & mass when taking glutamine supplements 
Overall, this is a supplement you may be getting the most from your foods, and it isn’t needed as an aid, but for those of us who don’t eat high protein diets or animal products, it may be wise to start taking this supplement or looking into it after surgery in order to help with recovery. 
Personally, I have taken glutamine supplementation — still do, daily and it has helped with recovery and then some in my opinion but doesn’t mean everyone will feel the same way. 

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3 thoughts on “Glutamine Supplementation

    1. Yes , many people do not about this amino acid, but since having it recommended to me years back and only having started taking it regularly within the last 6 months, I love it. It doesn’t bring me miracles but I do feel it helps with my recovery

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