How Strength Operates

Nothing beats the feeling than being able to carry all your groceries inside in ONE trip. “I love making multiple trips to the car to retrieve my groceries” – said by no one ever. If this isn’t enough on its own to inspire you to become a stronger individual, then nothing else I say after this will.

Strength isn’t necessarily about how you look (you can look the part and still be weak)– but instead, how one feels, and how it is utilized for your day to day activities. You don’t have to have be ripped, buff, and manly to be strong. I will repeat this for the ones in the back, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE RIPPED, BUFF, and MANLY to be STRONG!!! Now that we have that out of the way.. strength is in part how you will survive in this world because you have to have the strength mentally & physically to move through life’s courses and without strength, you will have a hard time surviving, thriving, and doing anything that pertains to living. Sadly, many people believe that strength = masculine, steroids, athletics, “too big”, etc. and in return are scared to even lift weights because of false myths.

How to become strong?

  1. challenge your nervous system.
  2. lift weights, use resistance bands, body weight, weight machines
  3. progression

Your nervous system is first in line, then your muscles. The body can do what the mind allows. The nervous system will respond by granting you quicker and more powerful muscle contractions – Barbend

Utilizing tools to help with strengthening your muscles like the ones mentioned above is a good start, remember form and technique is very important. ** I will also add that with strength, you don’t need to do a lot of reps, because you are lifting heavier loads & everyone’s “heavy” will differ pending their fitness level.

Progression is essential. Plateaus are things that happen when one doesn’t challenge themselves beyond their potential. When lifting 5lbs becomes too easy, time to increase the load, or perhaps the volume from 3 reps to 5. Push yourself – but safely. Nothing like hitting a brick wall after gaining so much success.

I love strength for many reasons; yes, I am a strength athlete (competitive powerlifter) but beyond that, I am human just like you & being able to do activities I love in & out of the gym are very important to me. I like to think being able to get out of the bed is something we take for granted, or being able to walk with good posture & body alignment, being able to take out your own trash & for those of you who are parents ——> being able to pick up your children or carry their diaper bag. Strength operates in many forms, but the most important use is when we need it most; everyday doing what we love, our jobs, for our families, for own personal use. “Don’t be afraid to be strong, be afraid of what would happen if you went through life weak” – Shay-lon

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You can assume I have a love for fitness & a love for Wonderwoman -- both assumptions are correct. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer of 8+ years -- I currently reside in Ohio and live a simplistic life at the age of 29. If I am not lifting, I am eating, sleeping, traveling, exploring, or movie watching. I recently moved during a pandemic, now I am focused on self care (self love), building a business of my own in personal training, becoming a professional blogger, starting a podcast and doing things that make me happy! I am a sister, daughter, and loyal friend --- I love everyone's dog and I am on a mission to pet as many dogs as possible everywhere I go! LOL. My mission is to talk health (physical/mental), design programming, motivational speak, learn, grow, prosper, build others and make as many people smile as possible because I want nothing more than to be the change I seek in the world.

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