Seasoning without the sauces

Are you have difficulties deciding how to make the meals you enjoy a healthier option? Perhaps, you enjoy cooking but don’t enjoy what you eat unless there is something “added to it.”

If you are like many folks, then you probably have a sauce for every occasion in your household (bbqs, ketchup, mustard, dressing, etc) and while I am part of the majority of Americans who love sauces, I have learned to cut back on the sauces and AMP UP the seasonings!

Believe it or not, sauces add calories, and even though they too have serving sizes — people don’t naturally pick up the ketchup bottle and measure out the 1 tablespoon of ketchup for a burger or fries. GET REAL. Not even I measure this out, so I know there are more like me out there (be honest). I don’t judge those us who use sauces, but if you want an easy way to cut down on your calories but not eliminating the food itself then this is a great option and an easier option because you can now be creative in the kitchen and experiment — no wrong way to go about this, just have to be willing to try something new!

If you are new in the kitchen, then this will be a fun way to get you started & if you are a pro in the kitchen, then this will challenge you a bit to step outside your comfort level. The best part is the whole family can get involved and experiment by trying samples — who doesn’t like free samples?!

1). First things first, find your trouble spot. What sauce do you use the most? what dish(es) do you cook that require sauces? How often do you apply the sauce you use to the particular food (i.e when it runs out, do you apply more?) Do you use more than one sauce for a particular meal (i.e ketchup & mustard), what version of the sauce do you purchase (i.e low fat, no added sugar, low calorie, etc) — this is important because this right here is why you might justify using that particular sauce without realizing that there is a give and take with these labels that market this way).

2). Identify why you use that particular sauce with the meal(s). If you have never had a burger without ketchup and mustard, then you would never know if you “have to have sauce” in order for it to taste good. If you grew up using sauces — that is a why because it is a habit that was formed. If what you eat taste “nasty” without sauces, then there is a problem with the way you are cooking it or what seasoning(s) you have added or not have added OR perhaps you do not like the food in the first place, so you mask the taste in the sauce.

3). Ask yourself what sauces you need & what sauces you like. This is a good way to save money at the store as well because then you don’t have to splurge on sauces that aren’t necessary in your home or that you use very rarely. For me, I have gone YEARS without purchasing ketchup (probably over 4 years now) and while I do like it, I don’t make anything that needs it to the point where I would need to go out of my way to buy it. I can eat a burger without ketchup and if the fries are good, I can eat those without ketchup as well — so if I decide to purchase it, it would be for a rare situation or for guest. However, I do need real mayo because I use that for various things (sandwiches, dressings, cooking, etc.) so point being, decide a need vs want.

4). How do you prefer to prepare your food? Bake, fry, grill, steam… no matter, this is going to make a difference in how your seasonings compliment your food. So explore the different methods.

5). Fresh vs dry seasonings differ as well — the cost is different, the taste can change, the use might be different for different meals. Explore.

6). When all else fails, do your research on different seasonings and how they compliment a meat or vegetable. Find recipes using a certain seasoning, use a combination of seasonings.

7) HAVE FUN! whatever you do, have fun creating it! If you mess up or it comes out wrong, make it again, and don’t worry about failing at this because mistakes make you a better cook! xx

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