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What are PEDs? Performance-enhancing drugs.

It is no new information that athletes in various sports have used PEDs, this isn’t a new 2022 trend, but it is now being more widely talked about on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms. I have watched a couple of YT videos discussing the usage of PEDs and even interview professional athletes who started their career without drug use then turning to it, to be more competitive within their sport. It is not a black/white picture, there is a lot of grey because its not necessarily “looked down” upon by many but still not widely accepted by many either. I think it is half/half as to whether or not people are for or against it. This post can get quite lengthy talking about PEDs and hopefully in a separate post, I will be able to go into more details around the usage based on sciences and interviews done by experts because I do believe it is an important issue surrounding sports (team and individual sports alike). For today, I wanted to discuss specifically powerlifting due to the fact I compete in powerlifting and have been for the last 5 years — so this hits home for me more so now than it did in the beginning & I kind want to share my views but also add in some clear answers for those who are thinking about competing in powerlifting.

First and foremost, I do NOT take PEDs and have NEVER taken PEDs, but I have THOUGHT about it on various occasions and still to this day think about it quite often as to whether I should. There are many obvious reasons as to why one would contemplate on taking PEDs and many reasons why one wouldn’t want to and both sides are respected by me. I am not for or against, I am neutral because I have no experience with PEDs. If you had asked me 5 years prior, I would have said “H*ll no! totally against it” because of my lack of knowledge at the time and my thoughts surrounding it. Now because I am more open minded and knowledgeable, I am more accepting of those who do choose to take it AS LONG AS THEY ARE HONEST! as I would be as well if I was taking PEDs. I can honestly say I have had people offer it, know people personally who do take PEDs both men and women and I have to say they enjoy the results they gained from usage. What is keeping me from taking PEDs? my morals. However, that could change because as said before, I do think about it many times. Also, I am 30 years of age and so I have to look at it from the perspective of what stage of life am I on, and how important is it to me to be the best at this sport or even come close to it? Consequences vs rewards mindset — so there is that as well.

The obvious answer to the title of this post is NO, you do not have to take PEDs in order to compete in powerlifting, It is not a requirement and while many people assume we all take PEDs, it is not true. Again, I am natural and have won 3rd place, came VERY VERY close to breaking a state record and have done well in my sport without using. So natural lifters do win and can do very well in the sport. The problem surrounding PEDs and powerlifting is the more competitive someone is, the higher the chance they might dabble with PEDs, especially if they decide they want to compete full time, become a professional powerlifter, become top/elite, break records, etc.. this pressure to be the VERY BEST is why so many athletes turn to PEDs. It doesn’t mean because you are competitive or someone is competitive they will take PEDs but it does mean the PRESSURE might come at some point from a coach or friend, or a fellow competitor or gym member. We have to remember we all have the right to make our own choices when it comes to this and you have to be prepared for when that time comes and you need to make a decision as to what path you want to take with this sport. Not all of us compete in this sport to win or be the best, many compete to have fun, for the experience and to prove to themselves they can do it & not everyone is meant to be the best, which is why it is a small percentage of athletes that are considered elite and/or professionals. We can’t all be the best, there is always someone faster, stronger or better than ourselves and we need to be okay with this going into a sport such as powerlifting because otherwise you will find yourself going crazy & doing things you wouldn’t normally consider doing.

I personally look up to Stefi Cohen, Hunter Henderson, and some other named athletes in this sport who have/are doing very well and some of them do use PEDs — if not all of them. I also realize that these men and women I look up to and think are incredible, I wouldn’t have a chance unless I were to use PEDs and out-trained them — even then it is not guaranteed I would be “better” than any of them or become the “best” — which means it is a risk to set my standards that high because of the mental and physical strain it would have on my body. I mentioned above that I am neutral on the topic of PEDs, but in a perfect world, heck yeah, I would love for us to all to be natural born athletes who are competing against one another without worry of someone doping – it would be awesome! but we don’t live in a perfect world and people are going to do what they want to do regardless of our feelings/emotions towards it. For obvious reasons, I would never be an advocate for the use of PEDs –there is obvious health issues that can stem from it & even death but by keeping an open mind it has helped me to realize that I could be competing against both natural and doped athletes & regardless of their performance, I am going to do my best because that is all I can control. Right?

There are drug-tested meets/federations and non-drug tested as well, you have the choice as to which you sign up for and which federation you join. Look over the rule books, get an understanding as to how each federation operates their meets, etc. Be informed, stay informed and make informed decisions that YOU CAN CONTROL. I have my right to be upset if I know someone is doping and competing in a drug tested meet but somehow goes “under the radar” — yes it upsets me, but again, I can’t control that & by being angry, I am either going to channel that anger and do awesome at the meet or channel it negatively and flop at my meet <— choice is mine. again.

So whether you are against or for it, I respect both sides 100%. I always say, be honest about it. Be safe about it, and stay connected to a medical doctor for blood work and other health test to be sure you are informed. In the meantime, I am not going to do PEDs anytime soon, but do know if you are choosing to do PEDs, think about your WHY and weigh in on how important your WHY is, look at the risk and reward and decide how that might reflect on the people who look up to you. If you are being honest and your truth is your truth, you have my respect but if you are doing it to become trendy or “cool”, then you get no respect from me. Point blank. Same as those who lie about it, no respect from me & if you are using it without understanding of it, no respect from me.

Are you for or against PEDs? Why or why not? share experiences– good or bad. I would love to know what everyone thinks and remember I am not here to judge, so please feel safe in my space. Thank you.

Shay-lon #TheFitnessWonderWoman

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