Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth Of July To All My Blogger Friends & Readers!! 

Goodbye 2018 — Walking Down Memory Lane

I’ll Never Forget… The Friends I made — Thank you for coming into my life & supporting my goals, dreams and for being a friend to me during good and bad times — Ya’ll are the real MVPs.  The family get together’s — The memories I shared with all of my family that were part of myContinue reading “Goodbye 2018 — Walking Down Memory Lane”

Birthday Weekend Recap

I finally turned the big 26 on Thursday (3-22-18) and wanted to share how fun the experience was this year to be around different people and share moments/memories. I don’t typically have the chance to take a  bunch of pictures when I am celebrating, but I love writing about it because this is my wayContinue reading “Birthday Weekend Recap”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Are You Wearing Green Today?   “St.Patrick’s Day an enchanted time- a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic” – Adrienne Cook What is something that you consider lucky that you own? — or what is your lucky #?