365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past

4.01.19   Day 25   Have your past experiences shaped the fears and anxieties you have today?   Relationships wise, yes possibly but not in a negative sense – more in a cautious and be more observant and less tolerate sense.  Otherwise in real world events, yes, I have some fears/anxieties that I have hadContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past”

365 Days of self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions

1.12.19  Day 13 Do you believe crying is a healthy outlet for negative emotions? What makes you cry? When I was younger, crying was a reaction I had to many things that were negative, mostly when I was trouble, I did it a lot. My mom disliked when I cried, she would always tell meContinue reading “365 Days of self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions”