365 Days of Self Discovery: Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future

4.26.19 Day 16 What do you fear most about the future? I fear how far technology will evolve, the increase of crime and criminal matters, not knowing what will come of my future or where I’ll be in life.  Do you have any fears of the future or what will come of it?

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 58

10.30.18 Have you managed to overcome fear? Yes, I have managed to overcome some of my fears but not 100 percent, but I have overcome two in the past week in a half due to taking a chance — perhaps it will build my confidence and my mentality so that when it comes time toContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 58”

I have Social Anxiety (Mental Health Awareness)

I will be first in line to admit that I have social anxiety (I believe I have mentioned this many times before) and while many people are in shock when I tell them this, because I come off outgoing and very talkative – this doesn’t mean anything, just means I mask it fairly well –Continue reading “I have Social Anxiety (Mental Health Awareness)”

Chances are you aren’t really living ..

Every once in a GREAT while, I get in one of these inspirational moods and bore you with my positive outlook and story… thoughts.. fears.. momentary comedy.. and toward the end everything ends with .. bullshit I could have said in the beginning but decided to make you read til the end to find outContinue reading “Chances are you aren’t really living ..”