Monday Week 10

Day one

Unfortunately I had to do my workout at 8pm at night tonight instead of the early morning because I had  to wait for a car repair that was scheduled to be 2 hours but ended up being 6 hours long .>.< ridiculous but that is my rant for today besides the creepy dude at the gym who scares me. lol. Besides that, it was very weird to workout so late at night— I didn’t like it but I did it because I had to in order to make up for not making it this morning. Hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing. 

  • Barbell military press: 3 x 5


  • 65% of 90% of 1RM: 55 lb
  • 75% of 90/% of 1RM: 65 lb
  • 85% of 90% of 1RM: 70 lb, 6 max reps


  • barbell bench press, 5 x 5, 110 lb (did 5 reps the first set and 3 reps every set afterwards)


  • Assistance pull ups: 5 x 15, 130 lb
  • cable face pull: 5 x 15, 60 lb


  • Cable upright rows: 5 x 15, 40 lb
  • Seated DB shoulder press: 5 x 15, 40 lb



Published by WonderWoman & Fit

You can assume I have a love for fitness & a love for Wonderwoman -- both assumptions are correct. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer of 8+ years -- I currently reside in Ohio and live a simplistic life at the age of 29. If I am not lifting, I am eating, sleeping, traveling, exploring, or movie watching. I recently moved during a pandemic, now I am focused on self care (self love), building a business of my own in personal training, becoming a professional blogger, starting a podcast and doing things that make me happy! I am a sister, daughter, and loyal friend --- I love everyone's dog and I am on a mission to pet as many dogs as possible everywhere I go! LOL. My mission is to talk health (physical/mental), design programming, motivational speak, learn, grow, prosper, build others and make as many people smile as possible because I want nothing more than to be the change I seek in the world.

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