Sore legs

Tuesday Warm up: kettlebell stiff legged deadlift: 4 x 25, 12 lbs standing hip abduction: 4 x 25, 30 lbs kettlebell swings: 4 x 25, 12 lbs Workout: Sumo deadlift: 3 x 190 lbs, 3 x 195 lbs (6 reps) Barbell back squat: 3 x 145 lbs, 3 x 155 lbs (6 reps) Barbell frontContinue reading “Sore legs”

Today’s long leg sesshh

Warm up: kettebell swings: 4 x 25, 12 lbs Front box step ups: 4 x 25 DB Romanian deadlifts: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Workout Seshh: Conventional deadlift: 6 x 5-6 was the goal (but did 6 x 4-5) at 215 lbs Barbell back squat: 6 x 5-6, 155 lbs Supersets: Front squats: 6 xContinue reading “Today’s long leg sesshh”

Monday’s workout went a little like this..

so nothing too new today, but decided to amp it up with the amount of sets this week like I had in the beginning of this powerlifting journey. I guess I decided it was time and after having seeing results from doing so, I want to see more.  Warm Up: One arm DB bentover row:Continue reading “Monday’s workout went a little like this..”

Slow & Steady

I happen to make it back to the gym today (I only managed to go Thursday) and hadn’t gone since then or before then because I was stuck in my rut, but since coming back, my workouts will be starting off “easy” due to not wanting to over exert myself since it has been aContinue reading “Slow & Steady”

8-13-18 Workout

Warm up: Bicep curl machine: 4 x 25, 25 lbs resistance band pull apart: 4 x 25, green band Cable reverse triceps pushdown: 4 x 25, 50 lbs Workout: Barbell bench press: 5 x 5-6, 90 lbs (70% 1RM) Barbell bench press: 5 x 5-6, 95 lbs (75% 1RM) Jump rope: 5 x 30 secondsContinue reading “8-13-18 Workout”