Trainer Tip Tuesday -Treadmill Form

Welcome to another Trainer Tip Tuesday Post.

Today, I have a fun little tip, that even I, myself catch myself doing — so don’t feel bad if this is one of you.

The treadmill can be a wonderful tool, and at the gym, it is a popular go-to cardio machine (I don’t particularly like using the treadmill nor do I enjoy cardio work) but when I do use, I sometimes slack in form. Do any of you catch yourself using the handrail whenever you are on the treadmill walking and/or running? Well, don’t fret because it is common for many people to rely on the handrail & most don’t even realize it sometimes. With this being said, I recommend that if you are someone who makes a habit of this, don’t!!! LOL

The reason?

1) It doesn’t build balance — think about how holding onto the handrail keeps you from falling, or slipping but recognize the fact we have to build balance for everyday activities, so when we interfere with that, it doesn’t help long term.

2) Ruins posture & body alignment. This is especially important as well, because so many people have bad posture due to their jobs (sitting all day at a desk) etc. Body alignment and posture is important — not only when exercising but good for overall health (better breathing, improved spine & neck relief, etc)

3) hinders running form & proper walking. We need our arms to get the most out of our running and/or walking.

So you ask, how does one even ween themselves off of using the handrail after using it for so long…? Easy! but will take gentle reminders.

1) slow down. This is a good method to use to get started. Eventually you can gradually increase the speed but don’t jump right into it.

2) Focus on posture, walk upright (not leaning forward or backward), keep eyes forward, and relax the shoulders and neck muscles.

3)Start with little to no incline, again, you can choose to progress it gradually as you become more comfortable with not using the handrails.

Last but not least, be safe — absolutely use the handrails if at anytime you feel unstable to help prevent from falling (use briefly), or when getting on & off the treadmill.

Does anyone else make a habit of using the handrails on the treadmill? share! comment! like! and follow. Thanks for reading!

Shay–lon #TheFitnessWonderWoman


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