The Use of the Weight Belt

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I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and one that kept you productive. Since this is the start of a new week, it means I have a new blog post for all of you. 


I am not sure how many of you have used a weight belt or even know when to use one, but figured I would discuss it because many people assume ONLY those that do powerlifting should use one, but honestly, weight belts can come candy for recreational lifters as well with some rules in mind. I don’t particularly use one myself, nor do I own one (They can be hefty in price) but I have used one once or twice before when I was doing internships at the University and was lifting major weights during my squats. Now I don’t lift that much during my squat to use one, but I find that once I get back up to those numbers, it might become useful for me again. This post will be short and to the point, but hopefully it will be helpful to those that have never used one or those who are unsure as to whether to purchase one. 


Using a Weight Belt:

  1. Belts should NOT be worn all the time
  2. Belts are useful for heavy loads – near max (I say for compound lifts mostly) 
  3. Support the back – can reduce injury when used correctly. 
  4. Helps increase performance for near maximal load
  5. Wearing a belt often can lead to weaker back muscles (lower back)
  6. Could inhibit abdominal muscles motor learning
  7. You DON’T want to depend on a belt for all your lifts 

Now some may agree to disagree as to whether you or I should consider wearing a belt. I have heard both answers, “yes” and “no” and that is perfectly fine. I am more concerned that you know how to use one properly and know when it is most appropriate to use one. I think the most important factor is to find one that fits your stature and works with you and not against you. If you keep some of the tips I listed above in mind, you will find your experience a much better one. For those of you interested in learning a few more things about using a weightlifting belt, I found a nifty article on that might be a fun read and give some more insight that I was unable to answer for you. As for wearing a belt, let me know your personal thoughts on it in the comment section!


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13 thoughts on “The Use of the Weight Belt

    1. I have two herniated disks in my lower back. The belt looked like the right choice but it wasn´t. My core muscles were weak, and wearing a belt to help me lift more weight in some exercises was increasing the difference.
      I forgot the belt and I lifted just what my core muscles could handle and I got better 😀
      No better reason than personal experience, haha!

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    1. Oh you wear one for overhead presses? never heard of one using it for that reason.. interesting. But I like the fact you use it for low reps and high weights, good 😀

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    1. Yes, agreed. There is many different people with different thoughts on it, personally I don’t have one and I don’t use one, but doesn’t mean I won’t invest in one if I feel like I do need it down the road, luckily, I haven’t had a reason to use one quite yet.


  1. for every extra extra pound you can lift while wearing a belt could be considered a deficit in your core! A friend of mine used to wear one, when i asked why he said he was ‘stronger’ when wearing one as he could squat almost 100kg with it on as opposed to around 50kg without! I consider this a MASSIVE 50% deficit in his core! It doesn’t matter how strong your arms or legs are if you can’t tie it together at the core you can’t effectively use this strength in the ‘real’ world.
    I advise only to use a belt when lifting maximal weight 1-3 rep max only and on the lifts where you will need it, squats, deadlift and overhead press. Not on biceps or machines etc as you see in many gyms!
    A strong core is natures weight belt…

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    1. Yes, agreed with this, I find that a lot of people at my gym use the weight belt for more than what I would think is necessary and I don’t bother asking why because everyone is their own person, but I always thought to myself what is the extra need of one when you are doing leg curls for example..
      I guess anymore I don’t try to dictate when others wear them because it is their body and choice but if one ask me, I give them my opinion. I just never been one to use one except for that ONE time 🙂 which it did help, won’t deny it.


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