365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships

6.06.19 Day 17 Do you prefer small or large group of friends? I think that both have their benefits and cons but I would say, smaller groups of friends is preferable for me. I like the closeness you feel with smaller groups of friends,  and it seems easier to keep in touch with your friendsContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships”

The Arnold Classic 2018 Moments

So those of you who didn’t already know, I attended the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo March 2nd – March 4th. I thought I would let everyone in on some pictures and news 😀    This was my second year going, the whole weekend was fun and something to remember, I met many, many, fitness industryContinue reading “The Arnold Classic 2018 Moments”

Smith Machine Vs The Barbell

Hello fellow bloggers, Today’s fun topic of discussion for all my fit crazed people is: smith machine vs barbell. Now for many of you; you have a preference and some of you choose to only one use or the other depending on your fitness level.  If you are not aware of what a “smith machine”Continue reading “Smith Machine Vs The Barbell”

Whole Foods VS Walmart

I figured this would be a fun little discussion between two grocery stores. The reason why I chose these two is because: 1) whole foods is known to be one of the better stores to have healthier options, 2.) most people know what a “Walmart” is and it is another grocery store that is popularContinue reading “Whole Foods VS Walmart”

Phase Two: Week 6|Day 41|Six Weeks To Shreds

Warm up:   2-3 minute jump rope Workout: Wide grip lat pulldown: 3 x 21-30, 50 lb (1 minute jump rope) Pulldown behind the neck: 3 x 21-30, 50 lb ( 1 minute side to side shuffle between each set) Rope straight arm pull down: 3 x 21-30, 40 lb (1 minute skipping in placeContinue reading “Phase Two: Week 6|Day 41|Six Weeks To Shreds”