Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension (exercise , how to)


Hello Fitness Family , 

I realize I have been posting a lot of my workouts and less other post and this is because many times I have something going on and posting the workouts is much quicker  to do with little time and I don’t like rushing when writing/typing blog post, so when I do other post aside from my workouts, I want to make sure I have an adequate amount of time and put the time and effort into them. 

The above video will demonstrate today’s exercise of chose; which is the “standing dumbbell triceps extension”, an exercise I have seen people do incorrectly many times because it looks easier than it actually is, and most people will use a higher weight for it, but truthfully that can cause injury if you aren’t careful. 

How Do I perform this movement?

  1. Feet should be shoulder width apart, using both hands grabbing the dumbbell; lifting it over your head until both arms are fully extended.
  2. The dumbbell should be resting in the palms of your hands with your thumbs around it, palms should be facing up towards the ceiling (The starting position)
  3. Keep upper arms close to the head with elbows in and perpendicular to the floor. Lower the dumbbell in a semicircular motion behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps (only the forearms should be moving)
  4. Go back to the starting position, using the triceps to raise the dumbbell. 
  5. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. 

What Muscles are effected by this exercise?

  • Triceps
  • forearms
  • lats

Should I give it a go? my thoughts?

Yes! definitely give it a go but make sure you are using the proper form before using heavier weights. 

Personally I always feel this working on my triceps muscles – especially when doing a higher rep range or a heavier weight. definitely something to implement and know that there are multiple variations of this exercise as well (which will be spoke about in another blog post)


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Fitness WonderWoman, 

Shay-lon xoo


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    1. Personally, the advantages aren’t too much different than others. I just feel like this one is more challenging and I feel like it engages my triceps more than some other exercises but doesn’t mean it is the BEST by any means, everyone might have a different opinion.

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