Bodyweight Walking Lunge – YouTube Video

Normally, I would be holding dumbbells or a barbell but I made a point to do them without extra weight to demonstrate the movement for beginners. I don’t like having to do lunges but I will admit that they are a great functional workout and because there is such a variety of them, it can always be changed to your liking and fitness level. As always, down below I will share how to do them properly and the muscles that are effected. 


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How to do lunges:

  1. Feet shoulder width apart and hands placed on hips
  2. Step forward with one leg, making sure to flex the knees to drop the hips. Decent until the rear knee comes close to touching the ground, posture should remain upright and front knee stays above the front foot
  3. drive through the heel of your lead foot, extend both knees to raise yourself back up. 
  4. Step forward with the rear foot, repeating the movement with the opposite leg

What muscles am I working on:

  • Quads
  • hamstrings
  • glutes
  • lower calf muscles
  • back muscles acts as stabilizer
  • abdominal muscles act as a stabilizer

It is important to have strong core for lunges in order to keep your form. Many people struggle with lunges so if you are someone who does, start without using any weights and focus on form and technique. Lunges are a great functional exercise, much like squats. If you are more advanced you can use dumbbells or a barbell for added weight. 


How many of you like doing lunges? any favorite types of lunges (which I will talk about in other blog post)


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


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