Paranoid Schizophrenia (Mental Health Post)

Mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more important. 


Hello bloggers, as scheduled today would be mental health awareness by discussing a mental health condition. I chose this particular one because I don’t know anyone who has been diagnosed with it close to me and I didn’t know very much about it to be able to discuss so I had fun being able to research it and gain some understanding. I did happen to know some basics but enough to be able to write about it, so I post some links for this one to sites I used briefly or that I sited so that you can also read up on it, if it something of interest to you. 


What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

  • When your mind doesn’t agree with reality – this is the way I understand it and the easiest way of explaining it so others can understand & the same way this site put it.
  • A lifelong illness
  • Affects how you think and behave


  • Auditory disturbances
  • unexplained anger
  • emotional disconnectedness
  • sever anxiety and agitation
  • argumentive behavior
  • sometimes violent tendencies
  • Delusions of grandeur
  • frequent suicidal thoughts and behavior

Now there are other symptoms that people with schizophrenia may have that are not listed, so make sure to do your research and get a full understanding because each person handles this differently. 


Risk Factors:

Most studies say there is no ONE cause of this illness BUT there are some risk factors that can higher your chances: 

  1. Family history of psychotic disorders
  2. exposure to a viral infection in the womb
  3. fetal malnutrition
  4. stress in early childhood
  5. sexual or physical abuse
  6. older parental age
  7. Use of psychoactive drugs during adolescence 


  • medications
  • psychotherapy
  • hospitalization
  • ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy)
  • training for social skills and development

Now with this being said, these are methods but they depend on the situation and circumstance, not everyone will agree to take medications or undergo therapies and that is their choice. I know many of them take more than one kind of medication and sometimes more than 2 or 3 depending on their situation and symptoms and the severity. The fact there is no cure for it is disheartening because this is something someone will have to deal with for the rest of their lives & I don’t think it would be easy or easy to explain to others who don’t have it and this is why I do these post so that hopefully it sheds light and brings awareness to the issue at hand. I personally have always believed that mental illness goes unnoticed because people don’t understand and believe them to be omens or ignore them in order to pretend it doesn’t exist (ignorance).  I like to think we are growing and learning and accepting people who may be different than ourselves BUT at the same time there are still people who look down on those with any type of mental illness. I believe in order to help people with their illnesses we have to be open minded and forgiving because it is not always that individuals fault that they have it. So with that being said..

  1. Do you know anyone who has this illness? or do yourself have it?
  2. Did you know a lot about this illness or was this something new?
  3. will you share this post to bring awareness to mental health 

Links I used for this post: 


Thank you for reading!


Fitness Wonderwoman, 

Shay-lon xo


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8 thoughts on “Paranoid Schizophrenia (Mental Health Post)

  1. I’ve been working in mental health and addiction for over 26 years and I’m going to make a correction. You said it’s not always their fault. The reality is it is NEVER their fault. Mental illness is a disease of the brain. The one you mentioned people tend to have a break in their early twenties just around the time some would be graduating college. More so if there is a genetic predisposition. There have been many advances in treatment/medication and many can function fairly normally with compliance. Although ECT was once used it isn’t now unless in very extreme cases. There is something called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that is much less invasive and very effective to treat severe symptoms.

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  2. I have learnt a lot about schizophrenia and this post was really good. Unfortunately though schizophrenia is very unpredictable and it just sort of creeps up on you and like you said there are no studies that have found a specific cause for it and so there is no specific cure for it. Paranoid schizophrenia usually starts earlier in men and later in women. It could be genetic as MZ and DZ twins are more likely to get schizophrenia if one of them has it. But environmental factors seem to play a huge role in triggering it too so in my opinion I think some people are genetically predisposed to it and then once they face a certain situation that their brain can’t handle their gene gets activated. This is just my opinion though.
    The most useful methods for handling the symptoms are probably a mixture of drugs as well as therapy such as CBT. The medications usually decrease the symptoms and CBT helps the patient deal with the remaining symptoms as well as teach the patient how to live in the world in a more ‘normal’ way. Even though therapy does seem to help the medications don’t always help because some of them have really horrible side effects and a large number of patients stop taking it after a while because of the side effects and end up back to square one. Another problem is that the patients tolerance for the drug gets higher and so they have to keep increasing the dose (which increases the side effects too!) or they have to keep switching the medicine.

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    1. Thank you PoojaG for sharing this post comment, I appreciate it and enjoy your feedback, because it teaches me something as well and you seem to always have some kind of new information about mental health conditions, so this was very well explained and hopefully my readers will enjoy it as well.

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