Supplement Review|BCAAs (Amino Acids)|Metabolic Nutrition I did review today on an amino acid supplement from Metabolic Nutrition, I have give you my opinion, the nutritional facts, ratings, and give you the ‘how to’ use it and for what kind of training! make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I have plenty more where this came from! 

Pre-Workout Supplement|Review|YouTube Video Today I did a review on a pre-workout supplement by the name of “Razor blast powder” (I had never heard of it) but got this supplement free from the Arnold Classic.  I will continue to do reviews next week on other supplements/products so be on the lookout!

Quest Protein Powder|Review|Peanut Butter Flavor This is my review on a product that I had gotten while at the Arnold Classic.  I am going to continue to reviews , tomorrow will be one on a pre-workout (but will also continue with my vlogging and workout videos as per usual on YouTube)  If any of you have tried this particularContinue reading “Quest Protein Powder|Review|Peanut Butter Flavor”