My workout for Oct. 24th


Hello everyone, 

Happy Monday!!! Today I am going to be posting just my workout because John has been sick for the last couple of days so we didn’t have the chance to actually workout together, he hoping to return tomorrow morning, but earlier in the day, so I may or may not be working out with him because he has a busy work schedule this week, nonetheless, he will continue to have his workouts emailed to him. I want to thank everyone who has supported my youtube videos, I appreciate it and thank you for the kind words. Today be on the look out for #MotivationMonday Quotes and Youtube video, it will be fun, and tomorrow be on the lookout for #TopicTuesday Youtube video 🙂 

I didn’t do a proper warm-up today before starting my exercise, I am good about it when I am with John but bad about doing a warm-up when I am alone. I will work on that and be a better example for my audience. 

Workout Session:

  • Cable low rows – 120 lb, 6 reps, 6 sets 
  • Tricep pushdown (V-bar) – 50 lbs, 15 reps, 6 sets 
  • Cable Curls – 25 lb (Although I can do heavier), 5 sets, 10 reps 
  • Dumbbell squat to shoulder press- 10 lb dumbbells in each hand, 5 sets, 10 reps
  • lat pulldowns- 100 lb, 6 reps, 5 sets
  • bicep curls (using weight plate) – 25 lb, 10 reps, 5 sets
  • incline pushups- 5 sets, 10 reps 
  • Tricep dips- 5 sets, 5 reps ( I am working on getting better at these, they are a difficult exercise for me)
  • Using the Dip station, I did my ab workout- 10 reps, 5 sets 
  • Burpees- 8 reps, 3 sets 
Cool down:
  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, no incline, 2.5 speed
Hopefully you have enjoyed my workout routine for today, tomorrow will be lower body & abs 🙂 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxox

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You can assume I have a love for fitness & a love for Wonderwoman -- both assumptions are correct. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer of 8+ years -- I currently reside in Ohio and live a simplistic life at the age of 29. If I am not lifting, I am eating, sleeping, traveling, exploring, or movie watching. I recently moved during a pandemic, now I am focused on self care (self love), building a business of my own in personal training, becoming a professional blogger, starting a podcast and doing things that make me happy! I am a sister, daughter, and loyal friend --- I love everyone's dog and I am on a mission to pet as many dogs as possible everywhere I go! LOL. My mission is to talk health (physical/mental), design programming, motivational speak, learn, grow, prosper, build others and make as many people smile as possible because I want nothing more than to be the change I seek in the world.

2 thoughts on “My workout for Oct. 24th

    1. Yay! I love that my workouts are giving you and others ideas, not to mention it helps me as well to see what people like and don’t like 😀 not to mention keeps track of my exercises.

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