Saturday Sept. 23rd workout

Leg Day




  • Barbell back squat: 5 x 15 – 45 lb, 4 x 10-95 lb, 3 x 8-115 lb, 1 x 5- 135 lb
  • Linear leg press: 5 x 15 – no weight, 4 x 10- 50 lb, 3 x 8- 70 lb, 1 x 5-90 lb
  • Romanian barbell deadlift: 4 x 10- 135 lb, 3 x 8-200 lb, 1 x 5- 245 lb


  • Smith machine pistol squats: 4 x 10 each leg, 25 lb
  • Vertical leg press: 4 x 10, 205 lb, 255 lb, 275 lb


  • Goblet squat: 4 x 10, 35 lb
  • goodmorning: 4 x 10, 40 lb
  • kettlebell curtsy lunge: 4 x 10 each leg, 8 kg

HIIT Training (5 rounds)

  1. Mountain climbers (15 seconds)
  2. plank leg raises (15 seconds)
  3. plank arm raises (15 seconds)

So basically Saturday’s workout was focused on all leg work, and I was at the gym for at least 2 hours, I hope to increase it by 5 pounds this week in each exercise if possible. I want to really develop my legs more and make them much stronger. 


Did any of you do a workout during the weekend, let me know what it consisted of?


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


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You can assume I have a love for fitness & a love for Wonderwoman -- both assumptions are correct. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer of 8+ years -- I currently reside in Ohio and live a simplistic life at the age of 29. If I am not lifting, I am eating, sleeping, traveling, exploring, or movie watching. I recently moved during a pandemic, now I am focused on self care (self love), building a business of my own in personal training, becoming a professional blogger, starting a podcast and doing things that make me happy! I am a sister, daughter, and loyal friend --- I love everyone's dog and I am on a mission to pet as many dogs as possible everywhere I go! LOL. My mission is to talk health (physical/mental), design programming, motivational speak, learn, grow, prosper, build others and make as many people smile as possible because I want nothing more than to be the change I seek in the world.

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