Feeling a little strong today

Warm Up: seated hip abduction machine: 4 x 25, 40 lbs standing hip abduction: 4 x 25, 40 lbs body bar goodmorning: 4 x 25, 3 lbs Workout: Sumo Deadlift: 6 x 6-8 (75%) 215 lbs Barbell back squat: 6 x 6-8 (75%) 170 lbs Power cleans: 6 x 3, 80 lbs Superset: Barbell frontContinue reading “Feeling a little strong today”

Heavy squats & deadlifts

Today’s workout consisted of heavy load today with both squats and sumo deadlifts, I used low bar wide stance squats because I am working on hip mobility along with the sumo deadlift. I have noticed that what I thought was my max effort, I could have probably went up in weight on my heavier liftsContinue reading “Heavy squats & deadlifts”

Wednesday, Sept. 27th Workout

For starters, I am going to be honest in saying that today’s workout SUCKED. I don’t mean the actual workout in itself, because I made a good one, but my performance & I was angry, I was frustrated and I was throwing a tantrum getting pissed off and crying.. not because the workout was “hard”Continue reading “Wednesday, Sept. 27th Workout”

Tuesday, Sept. 26th Workout

Sorry! This whole week has been SUPER DUPER BUSY!  I normally have time to let everyone know beforehand so that it doesn’t come as surprise if I miss days blogging – but I forgot. I have been running the gym I work at this whole week because the owner is on vacation and so IContinue reading “Tuesday, Sept. 26th Workout”

Sept. 25th workout

Chest & Shoulders   Workout: Superset:   Barbell bench press: 5 x5, 85 lb, 90 lb, 95 lb, 100 lb plate front raise: 5 x 15-20, 25 lb Superset: Incline bench press: 5 x 5, 65 lb, 70 lb, 75 lb, 80 lb Kettlebell seated press: 5 x 15-20, 16 kg Superset: DB bench press:Continue reading “Sept. 25th workout”