365 Days of Self Discovery: Your relationships

7.28.19 Day 69 Who are you not afraid to be yourself with? Typically, I prefer to be myself around anyone and everyone; I find that to be more healthy and more real. At times it takes me having to get to know someone and their boundaries, and what they are comfortable with before exposing allContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your relationships”

Why Rehash the Past? I’d rather take my loss.

Yesterday — I didn’t expect to get the text message I received and to be honest, I didn’t expect to not care either. To be fair, I have had many times where I cared too much about something and needed answers but I am learning that sometimes answers carry weight & I don’t need anyContinue reading “Why Rehash the Past? I’d rather take my loss.”

365 days of self discovery: Day 52

Do you deal well with rejection? Now, sure, I deal with it better; but I still have my moments when it is hard to deal with it. Rejection is hard to deal with, not something most people enjoy; including myself. Learning to be okay after being rejected can be hard at first, but teaching yourselfContinue reading “365 days of self discovery: Day 52”

365 Days of self discovery: Day 50

10.22.18 Day 50 Do You have Self Control or it something you need to work on? I think my self control is a work in progress, I find that I’ve lacked self control many times within my past relationships and it never ended well, and sometimes even within family gatherings because of a situation arisingContinue reading “365 Days of self discovery: Day 50”