365 Days of self discovery: Your Relationships

6.05.19 Day 16 Are you willing to forgive others? Yes and no, pending the circumstances and if the person is significant enough to me to care.

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past

3.22.19 Day 15 If you could relive one day over again, what would it be? I’d like to say I would relive a day over again, but nothing really comes to mind. I mean if anything, maybe relive a day in a relationship that I didn’t want to end to see if I could haveContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past

3.11.19 Day 4 What is your biggest regret? I have a few. I’ll be honest in saying the list is LONG and can’t decide which is worse at this point in my life. We all have made some mistakes in the past (even if you live with the saying, no regrets); you have made mistakesContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past”

Week Nine- Day Two Redo w/mistakes

This was a mistake workout — I added 10 lb to my deadlift thinking this was a new 4 weeks, and based it off a 300 lb RM instead of 295 .. so the numbers for this would qualify 4 weeks later but not for this 4 weeks 🙂 But still had some good lifts todayContinue reading “Week Nine- Day Two Redo w/mistakes”