Military Press|Cycle One|Day One|Week One|Powerlifting Journey

Road to powerlifting¬†   I started the day off with the military press. I used 90 percent of my 1RM to decide the rest of the percentages with the 3 sets. The last set was for max reps at that weight. I included some accessory work and abs, then ended the workout with some cardio.¬†Continue reading “Military Press|Cycle One|Day One|Week One|Powerlifting Journey”

Journey to health Collaboration – Week One (YouTube) So for those of you who don’t already know, I was asked to join another YouTube collaboration with a group of YouTubers and last week was my first week. Basically each week we have to answer a question that was set for us – this first week was just introducing myself. Hopefully all ofContinue reading “Journey to health Collaboration – Week One (YouTube)”