Final Week of Six Weeks To Shreds Collaboration Video!

We made it! ¬†  

Fitness Collaboration (Six Weeks To Shreds) YouTube video This video talks about what we wear to the gym ūüôā ¬† Okay everyone, This is another Collaboration video I did with a fellow YouTuber: NoFilterNina, and we have been doing the “Six Weeks to shreds” program together and posting a rad video each week with some fun topics dealing with the program andContinue reading “Fitness Collaboration (Six Weeks To Shreds) YouTube video”

Journey to health Collaboration – Week One (YouTube) So for those of you who don’t already know, I was asked to join another YouTube collaboration with a group of YouTubers and last week was my first week. Basically each week we have to answer a question that was set for us – this first week was just introducing myself. Hopefully all ofContinue reading “Journey to health Collaboration – Week One (YouTube)”

Phase Two: 6 Weeks to Shreds. Week One. Day one.

Alright! so as all of you know I have been doing a program to gain some muscular strength and maybe lose some pounds on the side. I started this program because another YouTuber wanted to do a fitness collaboration with me and figured it would be something new and different and so here I am.Continue reading “Phase Two: 6 Weeks to Shreds. Week One. Day one.”

YouTube Fitness Collaboration- Measurements and Realistic Goals The video is from Thursday, but will talk about mine and another YouTuber’s goals for this phase two of the next 6 weeks, our long term goals, our measurements, and how we anticipate on getting where we need to be.¬† Make sure to follow me on social media:¬† Instagram:¬† Twitter:¬† YouTube Channel:¬† Facebook Page:¬† reading “YouTube Fitness Collaboration- Measurements and Realistic Goals”