365 Days of self discovery: Day 107

12.18.18 What five words would you use to describe yourself? Comical brave helpful adventurous athletic What is five words you would use to describe yourself? Leave answers in the comments! 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 84

11.25.18 Are you an introvert or extrovert? I consider myself a little bit of both, but mostly an extrovert by nature (when I know someone well enough). The introvert side of me, is due to my social anxiety — I love being sociable & consider myself very outgoing and adventurous but sometimes my social anxietyContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 84”

365 Day Self Discovery challenge — Day Three

9.05.18 Today’s question was somewhat like the first question but allows lead way with the answers, and due to the small amount of time I have to write this post, I am going to get right to the point & try to explain as I go.  I consider myself loyal, to those I love (friends,Continue reading “365 Day Self Discovery challenge — Day Three”