365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships

5.28.29 Day 8 How do you help your friends & loved ones? Being supportive encouraging them  motivating them keeping them accountable  giving love giving them advice/guidance when needed showing compassion, and empathy celebrating their wins, triumphs being their rock when they need a rock

365 Days of self discovery: Day 107

12.18.18 What five words would you use to describe yourself? Comical brave helpful adventurous athletic What is five words you would use to describe yourself? Leave answers in the comments! 

Why I Chose Exercise Science/Personal Training

The Truth Is.. For some of you, you may not be able to get to the About me Section of my blog and that is perfectly okay because it probably needs updated anyways. I decided to make a more personalized post today since I have been connecting with so many other bloggers who are personalContinue reading “Why I Chose Exercise Science/Personal Training”

If You Are New To Fitness..

In Case The World Forgot…..   I do still make post that don’t have my workouts attached. Let’s be honest, the majority of people who aren’t into fitness, think it is stupid, waste of time, don’t understand it, don’t give a shit or were misinformed, they tend to to think fitness is about “showing offContinue reading “If You Are New To Fitness..”

3 Tips to help you Stick with Your New Year’s Resolution! (YouTube video)

Topic Tuesday!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbCj6J3feqQ Subscribe to my channel, share this video on social media, and follow my blog for more helpful fitness/health post 🙂