365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships

6.30.19 Day 41 Do you feel accepted? No. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions

3.01.19 Day 61 What makes you feel free? https://giphy.com/embed/2D8g2rXcWx1DO via GIPHY When I can be myself in totally, without feeling the need to meet someone’s standards or their mold of what I should be or who I should be. Being myself without care of what others may think of me or perceive me as, andContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions”

365 Days of self discovery: Day 111

12.22.18 What do you need to make more time for? Myself. Taking myself places (vacationing, traveling, spas, day trips, weekend trips, etc) spending time doing things I enjoy doing and getting away from the mundane life that I live in & taking more time on myself, doing things for me that I haven’t done orContinue reading “365 Days of self discovery: Day 111”

365 Days of self discovery: Day 107

12.18.18 What five words would you use to describe yourself? Comical brave helpful adventurous athletic What is five words you would use to describe yourself? Leave answers in the comments! 


Another Year & I am Still Here.   What can I say, still here another year writing and sharing pieces of me that hopefully one day either develop into a story or starts a business where people can’t wait to read what I have to say because it will be something people will want toContinue reading “My BLOGVERSARY! *2018”