One Lovely Blog Award 2017 (maybe my 2nd one?)

Thank you PoojaG for giving me more work to do on this blog (because you nominated me for this award) jerk. LOL. Just when I thought I could take a Wednesday easy day, then this happens – nobody likes when I take rest days! haha. No, but seriously, thank you for thinking of me and granting meContinue reading “One Lovely Blog Award 2017 (maybe my 2nd one?)”

800 followers .. and counting..

Heyyyy everyone!  I wanted to make a fun announcement by sharing with all of you, that I made it to 800 followers & my subscriber list has increased as well. I am so excited, this means a lot to me – not necessarily the number itself, but the reasoning behind this number.  For some reasonContinue reading “800 followers .. and counting..”

One Year WordPress Anniversary!

Woooohoooooooooooo!!!  I did it, I made it! Today marks my one year blog anniversary on WordPress and it has been wonderful to say the least. I seriously find it awesome that they keep track of that information and remind us, because it just goes to show all the post and work I put behind myContinue reading “One Year WordPress Anniversary!”

Thank you for the early Christmas Gift:)

So… I decided to make this a personalized thank you blog post to Anne , because she sent me an early Christmas Gift that I have received today in the mail. I will try to keep this short because I promised to send her a letter – so can’t give all the goods away in this post. IContinue reading “Thank you for the early Christmas Gift:)”