Phase Two: Week Two. Day Ten|Six Weeks to shreds

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minutes of skipping in place


  • Bentover Barbell Row: 4 x 6-8. 50 lb. ( 1 minute skipping in place between each set)
  • Bentover DB Row: 3 x 6-8. 60 lb. (1 minute goblet squat- 30 lb between each set)
  • Seated Cable rows: 3 x 6-8. 120 lb. (1 minute box jumps between each set)
  • Barbell shrugs: 4 x 6-8. 155 lb, 165 lb. ( 1 minute DB step up – 20 lb between each set)
  • Barbell curl: 3 x 6-8. 50 lb. ( 1 minute kettlebell swings- 8kg between each set)
  • Barbell or EZ bar preacher curl: 3 x 6-8. 30 lb (1 minute med ball slam- 10 lb between each set)
  • Reverse barbell curl: 3 x 6-8. 40 lb. (1 minute DB lunge – 20 lb between each set)
  • Seated palm up barbell wrist curl: 3 x 6-8. 20 lb. ( 1 minute battling ropes between each set)

i did another PR today with the barbell shrugs, went from 135 lb to now 165 lb total.I am working on doing better with battling ropes but it will be a process because I am not yet strong enough to go a full minute without stopping, so I do it in 20 second intervals so I can build my way up.


Anyone else who does really well or really poorly with battling ropes?

How much do you barbell shrug?


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Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


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