Sumo Deadlift (Exercise How To)

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Hope all of you had a wonderful fun filled Labor Day! Today is Tuesday, and this brings me to my topic; an exercise how to.

Today’s exercise how to, is another type of deadlift exercise, the “sumo”. Now depending on your stature, this movement is easy for some and harder for others — like myself. I don’t implement sumos in my workout because they always strike me as awkward when lifting and I never feel like I am doing it correctly, even when I am. Doesn’t mean they are useless, because in the above video you will notice he has good things to say about them and I do believe they are necessary, especially for those of you who may be powerlifters. My goal after watching this video is to find a time to really work on doing more sumo lifts so I become more comfortable with them – especially if I have to demonstrate them to clients. 

How many of you like doing sumo deadlifts? 

How to perform a sumo deadlift?

  1. Place the bar on the grounded, loaded with weights. Feet should be set very wide, bend at the hips to grip the bar, arms directly below the shoulders – inside the legs. The grips range from pronated, hooked or mixed grip. 
  2. Lower your hips, look forward with head and chest up. Weight should be on back half of the feet, and drive through the floor – extending through the hips and knees
  3. When the bar passes through the knees, lean back and drive the hips into the bar – while pulling your shoulder blades together
  4. Return the weight to the ground, by bending at the hips and making sure to control the weight. 

So like the romanian deadlift we have spoken about, this is a lot of leg work. 


What muscles are being worked?

  • Hamstrings
  • glutes
  • quads
  • inner thigh
  • hamstrings
  • lower back
  • Traps

Overall a lot of leg work and makes for a good leg day workout if you can get the technique down, in my opinion, it is nice to do this to add variety but for basic lifters, it isn’t necessary – but I always say try something different and find out if you like it. Obviously if you have been hurt before and have previous conditions, speak with a doctor before performing this lift. Otherwise, if you enjoyed this post, follow, like and leave comments! thanks!


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


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