Busier and Busier ..

Summer Busyyyynesssss! Hello readers and bloggers, many of you might have noticed my lack of communication, consistency, normality, time management, etc and whatever else that might show through my writings — I apologize because many of you have continued to support my blog(s) and website and are waiting for me to do the same >.<Continue reading “Busier and Busier ..”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions

1.10.2019 Day 11 Do you do well with change? In the past, growing up, I hated change. Now, change doesn’t bother me as much, if at all. At first I am always skeptical when change happens, but then I learn to adapt to the new changes (assuming it is a good change). I prefer beingContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions”

Why I didn’t make New Years Resolution

I make short term and long term changes I did’t make a list of goals for 2019 that would end up being a “New Year, New Me” philosophy & haven’t done it for the last couple of years now because well, no point. After many years of making New Year resolutions, I have realized theyContinue reading “Why I didn’t make New Years Resolution”

6,000 WordPress Subscribers and close to 4,000 on the second blog

Something about success smells sweat — Shay-lon Moss   Most people could probably start this sentence out by saying they have worked really hard to get to this point BUT, I used to say this when I was writing more & talking to my following more, but now I hardly can say it because IContinue reading “6,000 WordPress Subscribers and close to 4,000 on the second blog”

Yesterday, I made changes to my bench

I decided that this week, I would change up my bench routine. For awhile I have been doing Monday speed training with bench & Wednesday were for heavy lifting with bench but this week  & the weeks going forward (assuming it brings results) I am going to do speed and heavy on the same daysContinue reading “Yesterday, I made changes to my bench”