My First Fitness PhotoShoot (Back In March)

I forgot to post these on the website and on my blogs and honestly, I am glad I took the plunge because I plan on doing another photoshoot — hopefully outdoors and with a better physique but this was a grand experience and now I have somewhat of an idea on what to expect, soContinue reading “My First Fitness PhotoShoot (Back In March)”

New & Improved — but not where it needs to be yet

Monday: Workout regimen Motivational quotes or topics Macro’s tracking/meals (personal accountability) Tuesday: Workout regimen Fit tips macro tracking/meals¬† Wednesday: Workout regimen exercise how to/why macro tracking/meals Thursday: Workout regimen macros tracking/meals injury prevention or mental health or thursday thoughts Friday: Workout regimen (if I workout) macros tracking/meals recipes, food & nutritional topics Saturday & Sunday:¬†Continue reading “New & Improved — but not where it needs to be yet”

Fitness Magazine “Pitch”

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I have some good news to share with all of you today. I wanted to announce that I have got in contact with the Editor in Chief of “Muscle & Fitness” Magazine on twitter, asking him if they were interested in having a writer for their magazine and he ended up sendingContinue reading “Fitness Magazine “Pitch””