Muscle & Strength Submission

Submitted An Article to be Published via GIPHY I submitted a fitness/health article to muscle & strength (popular fitness site and supplement store) and they got back with me the other day and said they would be interested in publishing my article — which is very exciting & a huge deal because they areContinue reading “Muscle & Strength Submission”

The Editor Published my blog post :) My editor has published my article on his site officially. I would appreciate the feedback and to share it among your social media sites. I think it is a wonderful article.  Thank you

My Second Published Article to the Editor!

Published Article on Editor’s Website   Hey! I wanted to let everyone know that the Editor finally had the chance to look over my second article and publish it on the website, I won’t give out the title of it, so if you want to know, you have to click the link and find out!Continue reading “My Second Published Article to the Editor!”

Calling all Registered Nutritionist and Dietitians!

I will need your help. Random post? I know, it is 8 at night, I had nothing better to do, just kidding. I wanted to see before I go about researching this, if I had any followers, or followers who have followers who have a degree in nutrition, preferably someone knowledgeable and works in theirContinue reading “Calling all Registered Nutritionist and Dietitians!”

Fitness Magazine “Pitch”

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I have some good news to share with all of you today. I wanted to announce that I have got in contact with the Editor in Chief of “Muscle & Fitness” Magazine on twitter, asking him if they were interested in having a writer for their magazine and he ended up sendingContinue reading “Fitness Magazine “Pitch””