How do you agree to disagree with another Fitness professional/fitness instructor, fitness blogger

So, this is something some of you have been waiting for (another post exposing my personal thoughts). I recently came by someone who asked me what I write about after I mentioned I was a blogger ( I told them I am fitness/health blogger) and that my topics range from exercises, mental health, nutrition, etc.Continue reading “How do you agree to disagree with another Fitness professional/fitness instructor, fitness blogger”

10 Suggestions to avoid the Holiday Plump

10 SUGGESTIONS TO AVOID THE HOLIDAY PLUMP | BLOG COLLABORATION | STARBUCKS E-CARD GIVEAWAY October 24, 2016 No one has to live with regret during the holiday fun, don’t allow your old habits to come back and bite you, instead consider planning out your festivities in advance, don’t change your workout habits on the account ofContinue reading “10 Suggestions to avoid the Holiday Plump”

Guest post- Online personal training

Hello everyone, I wanted to start this Monday off right with a guest post from a fellow blogger friend, whom I have grown to respect as a writer and fitness professional.  Many of you know his site very well, and probably currently follow him, between his workout videos and beautiful quotes, & that ever soContinue reading “Guest post- Online personal training”

Guest post: PoojaG (blogging & Niches)

Hello Everyone, I would have said good night, but I don’t want anyone to fall asleep to this post. LOL.  No original piece today from me, I have a special guest.  I’ve met PoojaG months ago, I enjoyed her post because of her positive vibes, good character and friendly demeanor, not to mention the fact I haveContinue reading “Guest post: PoojaG (blogging & Niches)”