Monday Mobility – Quads

Hey everyone! sorry, I was gone for a whole week! due to not feeling well, if any of you follow me on Instagram, then you probably read my post about endometriosis — having had it since 7th grade, among other things — and my symptoms are pretty severe, so I was absent from wordpress, socialContinue reading “Monday Mobility – Quads”

Foam Rolling For Fitness

Do You Foam Roll? You should! although most people only consider doing so during rehab after an injury; but foam rolling is great for warming up before a run, or before getting started on your lifts. The motto goes “if it doesn’t hurt, you aren’t doing it right” and to be honest, that motto fitsContinue reading “Foam Rolling For Fitness”

Warm Up First

Prevent Injury It’s true, we are most likely skipping our warm up due to the mindset of “I don’t have time, I need to get in and out”, or “I don’t need a warm up, I feel fine” – says gym goers everywhere. Truly, I can take into consideration that both of these reasons areContinue reading “Warm Up First”

Week Three: Day one

Week Three: Day One Warm up: Band pull apart: 4 x 25, red Band front raises: 4 x 25, red Band reverse fly: 4 x 25, red Workout: Barbell bench press: 5 x 5 x 70%, 85 lbs Barbell bench press (wide grip) 5 x 5, 75 lbs Superset: Smith machine incline press: 5 xContinue reading “Week Three: Day one”

Friday, December 28th

Week Two —- Day Two Warm up: Step ups: 4 x 25 band hip abduction: 4 x 25, green body bar hip thrusters: 4 x 45, 3 lbs workout: Conventional deadlift: 5 x 3 x 75%, 230 lbs Barbell back squat: 5 x 3 x 75% 170 lbs   Barbell box squat: 5 x 3,Continue reading “Friday, December 28th”