365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships

6.04.19 Day 15 How do you deal with people who have different opinions and beliefs than you? I am an open minded individual, so when people share their opinions, beliefs with me — I like to understand it and learn more about it if I am ignorant to it or I tend to ask questions.Continue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 98

12.09.18 Do you ever break the rules? I am not the type of person who will go out of my way to break rules, and I always usually try my best to follow them due to being overly cautious. Although, yes, I have broken rules, and suffered consequences for doing so & sometimes I haveContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 98”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 83

11.24.18 What are your beliefs, and do you always stay true to them? First, I would have to sit down and go over all my beliefs because I am fairly sure the list is long & secondly, I like to stay as true to my beliefs as possible but there have been times that IContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 83”

Fitness/health Tip #3: Quality of life

https://soundcloud.com/shay-lonfitnesswonderwoman-moss-fitness-wonderwoman/fitness-health-advice-3 To have a good “quality of life” is important for good health. We seem to always strive for a nice physique, for wealth and success – which is fine. But some of the more happiest of people, more healthiest of people, & genuine of people tend to have a quality of life that isContinue reading “Fitness/health Tip #3: Quality of life”

Happy Easter Bloggers!

Happy Easter To All My Blogger Friends I know that not many of you celebrate this Holiday, but know that doesn’t matter to me, Happy Sunday to all of you as well. For some people, Easter is a religious holiday and for others, it means a bunny hops along giving out Easter eggs full ofContinue reading “Happy Easter Bloggers!”